Ten C does a lot of good, but this Navy Parka (available in both olive and black) is something that I straight up fucking love. Sure, the shorter body makes it optimal for layering, but personally I think the appeal is all about how it perfectly fits my character description of a lone post-apocalyptic explorer. Like, the apocalypse wasn't an asteroid or environmental fallout, but simply a quick and violent disintegration of large sections of society. When the governments of the world tried to clamp down on the growing unrest and violence by implementing martial law and limited gun access, the people revolted, creating entire continents engaged in civil wars. Thirty eight years later we cut to our main character wearing this parka as he trudges through snow drifts, occasionally looking up to the sky. The tight shot then opens up to reveal our character walking in the middle of a once bustling boulevard of a major city. Critics will praise the film for how beautifully shot it was, but the lack of dialogue and overall brutal themes of inevitability and hopelessness will weigh down an otherwise promising new effort.