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Mr. Fragment aka Hiroshi Fujiwara has been teasing this collection for a second on his Instagram and it's finally here. Yes, we're posting about Stüssy yet again, but maybe they'll finally stop the fucking madness and let this banger of a collabo be the final feather in their 2015 cap. There is so much heat dropping this week and weekend, so let's just add another one to the lineup so we can say goodbye to all of our money all at once, right? There's already enough hype surrounding this collection, so when it drops tomorrow, you'll want to be ready. As far as the individual pieces are concerned, we have a nice smattering of staples with both the illustrious double S and Fragment bolt on bombers, hoodies, crewnecks, oxford shirts, tees and hats. The best part about everything Stüssy does is that it's wild affordable. The most expensive piece here is $375, while the cheapest is about $53. For the regular Four Pins reader, those are more than digestible pricepoints. Stüssy x Frangment drops tomorrow at Stüssy Chapter stores.

[Photos via Hypebeast]