Were you guys wondering how I liked to dress myself during my late elementary school, early middle school days? I'm talking, like, 5th-6th grade here. I had a very specific and very directional point of view. And that point of view involved high-top Reeboks, stonewashed gathered jeans, a baggy T-shirt and a very oversized sweatshirt with a big ass logo on it. My favorite sweatshirts were the Polo joint, a US Olympic training facility one and this B.U.M. Equipment banger. You guys remember B.U.M.? Anyways, this Stussy sweatshirt reminds me of those dope sweatshirts back in the day. I think it's the high neck and contrasting red panels. Or it's just because in 6th grade Amber Baker was the coolest girl in school and she wore a really oversized Stussy tee with those clips that cinched the shirt at her hip.