When it comes to must-have aesthetics in any man's wardrobe, the influence of Scandinavian labels and their cool, clean, minimal trademark can't be overstated. Their ability to slot into the style of just about any man and provide a mature, on-trend bottom line has made the market's desire for them almost unquenchable. That doesn't mean that those Scandi labels can't do statement; in fact, they do it incredibly well, and Denmark's Soulland has just provided even more proof with their second collaboration with Lee denim.

The two labels' first collaboration was a definite head-turner — the patchwork denim sold out almost instantly — and the success is largely down to the combination of Lee's 125 years of knowledge and expertise in denim, and Soulland's unique take on contemporary menswear aesthetics. Again, the collaboration sees the best of both worlds combine on a full Canadian tuxedo, albeit presented in black denim, this time seeing white patches on the upper legs and on the jacket. 

Take a look at more of the lookbook below, and hold tight for the collaboration to drop at Goodhood on November 25, priced at £120 for the jeans, £150 for the jacket.

Photographer: Sascha Oda
Grooming: Lasse Pedersen / Agentur
Model: Loke Rahbek Model: Loke Rahbek of Lust for Youth, Poshisolation, Damien Dubrovnik


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