Dubai is apparently the place to be. I mean, have you seen Furious 7? It's the fucking 21st century wild west out there, man—cars flying from building to building, abandoned Lambos just everywhere. All that new money also means Dubai's been a host to a lot more fashion-related shit lately too. In fact, Public School just took to the Middle Eastern city to show off its Pre-Fall 2016 collection because we're already looking at clothes that will be out in July 2016 when it is currently November 2015. While it was mainly a womenswear offering, there were a few really good menswear looks peppered throughout that turn a bit of a corner, if you ask me. Public School has become known for that tailored streetwear look with a lot of black and navy suiting-inspired gear that isn't really suits, but definitely takes some details from them. Here though, things are a bit more loose, going with flowing tops with some all-over print and patterning on the shirts and outerwear. Pants sway between oversized and tailored, while the final look seems like it was left in the oven a bit too long and got burnt to a crisp like a Tombstone pizza. I'm with this, Public School. Keep it going. Fly me out. Booking info in bio.