Russell Westbrook knows style.

This year, not only was he chosen as one of GQ’s 20 Most Stylish Men Alive, but he was even sent to cover Fashion Week in Milan for Vanity Fair. This is clearly a man who has a firm grasp on fashion. Style is not just about clothes, however. It’s about personal expression, and what really makes Westbrook so striking is his ability to express himself in such an authentic way. And no matter what outfit Russell is putting together, he always starts out with the same exact element. 

“A great pair of jeans is the first step in getting dressed for me,” Westbrook says. “Denim is a way of life. When I’m not on the court, I’m in denim.”

And when it comes to denim, there’s only one name that matters for Westbrook: True Religion. Makes sense, since the two share such a strong commitment to individual style. “I am a risk-taker and boundary-pusher, as is True Religion,” Westbrook says. “I like that they stand for having confidence in what you are wearing and sticking to your true style.”

A big part of that style right now for Westbrook is True Religion’s newest innovation: RFLKT denim. “It’s completely new and unlike anything else out there,” he says—and that’s a major part of what always brings him back to True Religion. “They are constantly evolving,” he says, “and innovating their fits, fabrics, and washes to stay the best.” 

“I love that approach to fashion and to life in general: Always be the best.”

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