When Lil Buck starts moving, it’s like time slows down around him. That’s how fluid, agile, and graceful he is. When you watch him in action, it’s almost hard to believe the human body can move in such a way.

But, even the world’s most flexible man needs some good footwear to keep him on his toes, which is why Lil Buck has decided to partner with Versace on creating a brand new pair of custom designed sneakers.

Inspired by Pegasus, the white-winged God of the Sky in Greek mythology, the new kicks embody Lil Buck’s holy trinity of key characteristics: passion, elegance and power. “Versace has done an amazing job bringing godly feelings to life” for anyone who wears it, Buck says. “I want to stay on that godly path, and at the same time bring something new to the table, as I always love to do.”

The sneakers, which are available in black and grey, are embellished on the lace and feature a metal tag with the Pegasus symbol. To go along with the kicks, Lil Buck and Versace have also designed two t-shirts and a custom tank top. All four pieces of the Lil Buck for Versace collection will be available exclusively at the Versace SOHO store in New York and online at us.versace.com.

To check out Lil Buck’s time-bending moves, and to get a glimpse of the new kicks in action, be sure to watch the video above.