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A man in China suffered what might be the absolute worst injury caused by an online shopping obsession

According to The Shanghaiist, the man was in the midst of having sex with his wife, when her phone alarm went off to signify the start of an online sale. The woman was so eager to check the deals that she rolled right off him, but she managed to do some serious damage to his junk in the process.

The man was shrieking in pain, but they couldn't find any obvious signs of an injury.

That is, until the next morning when his penis was swollen and black and blue. A trip to the doctor revealed that the he had ruptured a mass of tissue called the Corpora Cavernosa. Luckily, for the poor dude a quick operation was able to fix his injury without any permanent damage. 

Seriously though, there is no bargain worth that type of pain.