Plenty of designers are bring the heat when it comes to bots that walk the line between the classic and the avant-garde. Whether you pair them with ripped jeans or a full suit doesn't matter—these luxurious leather options will steal the spotlight from the rest of your kit either way.

Clockwise from bottom left
Buttero, $495,
Louis Leeman, $1,100,
Porsche Design, $895,

How to take care of your boots

• Use a brush to remove surface-area stains like dust and light dirt.
• Put wooden shoe trees in your boots to keep their shape and remove excess moisture.
• Avoid bar soaps or detergents on suedes and leathers. Take them to a cobbler instead.
• Store your boots in a cool, dry place. Avoid heat and unventilated spaces, like an attic.
• Leather conditioner will help a pair of boots that are older than a year. If they're new, it won't