Teaming up with Apartamento magazine, Nowness visited new Maxim editor-at-large and former GQ Style Guy Glenn O'Brien to do one of the beret apartment tour videos we've peeped in some time. Granted, we have seen some of Glenn's NYC apartment before thanks to The Coveteur, but there's nothing like getting a full-on tour from our host, especially when that host is the legendary GOB.

Glenn talks about his efforts to become even more crotchety in his old age, his addiction to the hundreds (thousands?) of books that line his apartment—"It's like insurance, you have to live long enough to read all the books"—the fact that he tries not to throw anything out and launches casual flex bombs regarding his collection of original drawings from his old friend Jean-Michel Basquiat from when Basquiat was just kicking it at Glenn's place. We've known that Glenn and Basquiat we're boys, but there's nothing like a seamless namedrop right in the middle of a conversation that actually holds some weight. For what it's worth, Glenn's dog also seems pretty fucking chill. Watch the video above and try to figure out where he lives in the East Village that he even has an apartment this big.