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Norse Projects has gone even more turbo than usual with the releases this season. They absolutely refuse to stop dropping new product for people to purchase, consume and love. This "Conditions" gear focuses more on outerwear assuming the temperature is ever gonna get cold enough to start wearing winter coats. Fingers crossed. Norse obviously wants that to happen as well, but also keeps things pretty lightweight. These jackets are super thin, but ultra weather-resistant and down-filled. The Copenhagen gods even went as far as to smash the accoutrements, including a down scarf and pair of mittens. Maybe I'm sheltered, but I've never seen a down scarf before, so that's fucking lit. If you need some gear to actually fight off elements because all of your other jawnz are just too luxe to wear outside, Norse Projects, as always, has you covered. You can pick up the "Conditions" collection right now.