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Noah, perhaps in a nod to the "Dad style" moniker I have conveniently bestowed upon the brand, but most likely just wanting to hang out with some rad kids, teamed up once again with the big homie Jake Davis for an editorial featuring a gaggle of cool teens. Naturally, the brand's casual blend of influences looks just as good on the younger set as it does a bunch of geezers. The kid's that had style like this back when I was a youngin were always the kids that went to art programs over summer vacation and, like, traveled to Belgium in 7th grade. They got a hand-me-down beater whip when they turned 16, But instead of a 12-year-old Ford Taurus or some other weak shit, it was a sick vintage Jeep Wrangler that had a bunch of jam band stickers on it because their older siblings were really into psychedelics.