With all of the NYC sports teams, it's hard for a city this big to settle on a cap that encapsulates the city. From the black-and-white of Barclay's Brooklyn Nets, to the blue-and-orange disappointm...I mean, Mets, there's hardly a hat that applies to all New Yorkers—until now.

With help from New Era, New York magazine has produced a simple snapback that's great for fans of the magazine, and fans of the city itself. Emblazoned with the magazine's iconic "New York" script logo across the front, the hat itself comes in a classic monochromatic colorway. Considering that New Yorkers are known to wear all black, we have to wonder if the black-and-white color choice was meant for peak NYC outfit assimilation.

If you're interested in copping the cap (or some New York magazine back issues) hit up the magazine's webshop.