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Monitaly is the shit because they make short fishtail parkas like this one from waterproof cotton poplin. I would wear this slightly snug and underneath another jacket. Maybe a pullover anorak? All I know is that the fishtail layer is a strong fucking maneuver. I've only ever seen it done in photos I see on Tumblrs of dudes who know more about Japanese streetwear than I do about anything. I wonder what it’s like to be that knowledgeable about something. It's probably more of a burden than a blessing when you're that level of an expert. No one wants to be around someone with encyclopedic knowledge because it reminds us that we don't know shit about anything and base our own conclusions off of a mix of weird gut decisions, 12 Wikipedia articles, 2 and a half academic articles we found in the endnotes of said Wikipedia articles, 3 Rap Genius annotations and by following certain people on Twitter.