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It seems our faith in humanity can stick around a little while longer, thanks to the hairstylists who are making free haircuts to the homeless a trend around the world.

The latest stylist working to improve the lives of the less-fortunate is Joshua Coombes. For the past six months, the UK-based hairdresser has spent his free time after work and on his days off giving haircuts to the needy.

"Giving haircuts is such a small thing," he told Express and Echo. "It is just me going up to someone having a chat and cutting their hair; they really appreciate the gesture."

Like the others, Coombes provides his service right on the street in hopes to bring awareness to homelessness and inspire others to make a difference.

"Today someone from the Cathedral came out and brought everyone a coffee, doing something good for nothing really wakes people up," he told the paper. "It is just me giving up a bit of my time, it is a great experience and it is really humbling for me."

Coombes says he was inspired after he saw a man in New York offering the same service. 

Thanks to help from his photographer friend, Coombes is able to document his cuts on Instagram and share some of the amazing stories about the people he meets. Check some out below.