In the last few years, Life's a Beach has been making a quiet comeback to the skate scene under the expert stewardship of Greg Finch and with a little graphic guidance from the don that is Fergus 'Fergadelic' Purcell. Now, you might not know much about Life's a Beach, but you should, because their collections are consistently dope, and their backstory is something quite legendary. 

What started off with shorts cut from curtains — yes, curtains, no, it wasn't inspired by The Sound of Music — soon grew into a super popular skate, surf, and motocross brand with one of the strongest graphic identities you will ever see. All bright colours and repeating patterns, Life's a Beach was riding high until the aesthetic of skating took a new direction in the '90s, and the brand was put on a shelf, waiting for the right time to come back.

And what a comeback it's been. New life has been breathed into the graphics of the label by Purcell, who has also created new graphics in both his and the brand's signature styles, and Life's a Beach has been making waves both in and outside of skating. For their spring/summer 2016 collection, instead of just creating a standard lookbook, Life's a Beach has hooked up with London photograph duo Places+Faces to drop three images a month, highlighting standout pieces from the new collection, and hot damn, are they LIT. 

Check out the first three images from Places+Faces and the product shots of the forthcoming collection below, hold tight for the next batch and for the collection to hit the Life's a Beach webstore soon.