The "What are those?" meme died and went to heaven in two weeks flat. But Twitter roasting will live on forever—specifically this instance when Twitter user Jon Hendren AKA @fart tweeted out a photo of a pair of sneakers back in February 2015.

What ensued (and has continued on since then) has been a roast that puts the Friar's Club to shame. New York went behind-the-scenes of this particular roast to get the full story, which is really just a couple of dudes having fun on the timeline. But most importantly, this is a signal boost for anyone who hasn't seen this series of tweets previously. I came across the exchange earlier this summer and was pretty much dying at my desk, silent laughing like you do to not cause a commotion while co-workers look at you like some weirdo.

Take a look at the multi-week long smear campaign on Storify against these red and leopard print Vans for yourself and read through the rest of the madness on Twitter. Maybe you can get in on the action yourself.

[Photo via Twitter]