We already knew that people in the UK had a thing for looking like the Kardashians. Remember this Kardashian-obsessed British man and the woman who dropped thousands on plastic surgery to look like Kim? But, according to a recent report the reality stars' influence on cosmetic surgery is reaching new heights.

New research done by the UK group Transform has found there is a "Dash Effect" happening in the world of plastic surgery. It revealed that there has been a 73 percent increase in patients asking to look like Kardashians. 

Mark Norfolk, the clinical director at Transform, says the Kardashians have done more for cosmetic surgery than anyone previously. After Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers earlier this year there was a 700 percent increase in inquiries about the procedure overnight.

He also says that the group is now considering offering fat transfer operations, after a huge increase in people asking for butt enhancements because of Kim and Khloe. 

According to People, there has also been an influx in Kardashian-inspired operations stateside. 

"They're the modern version of what glamorous movie stars used to be, setting trends in fashion, and facial and body aesthetics alike," says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani to the magazine. "Girls all over the world look up to them for how they should look."

Of course, unless you want to end up like these people, doctors suggest patients don't get procedures to look like someone else.