French street artist L’Atlas has been making a name for himself in Paris for his new approach to ‘graffiti’ over the past decade. His style can best be described as a pastiche of graffiti, ancient typography, and Greek mythology – all in the name of public space interventions. But L’Atlas didn’t set out to be an artist; rather he was a student of archaeology and calligraphy. And he didn’t start intervening in public spaces through art until one day in early 2000.

It was that year that Paris decided it was time to clean up the graffiti all over the city; almost overnight the city had become a clean slate again. L’Atlas felt lost; this was not the city he had grown up in. He needed to find his compass. So he spray-painted one on the street – finding his own direction in the city again.

Since his early days, he has gone from illegal street artist to being represented by well-known galleries around the world. And now he has collaborated with one of France’s most iconic brands – Perrier.  As part of their series of limited edition collaborations with iconic contemporary artists, L’atlas has created unique packaging design that reflects his approach to art. Drawing on a variety of inspirations, including Japanese textiles, labyrinths and the light bubbles of Perrier, the designs are clean and contemporary.

As part of the launch of the limited edition Perrierthe Parisian artist will appear in five cosmopolitan cities - Paris, Seoul, New York City, Mexico City and Toronto.  If you are not in one of those cities, you can still discover his work on the limited edition cans or check out his website.