I really don't want to give you scoundrels out there too much credit, but lately people have been tweeting us good shit that we feel compelled to write about and these art school dropout tees that feature three of the most prominent fashion universities are so on-brand for us that they're impossible to ignore. Listen, we're all out here looking to fail upwards and wearing a T-shirt with a fashion school's name on it that you didn't even go to and has nothing to do with the current juncture of your career says exactly that in one to three words depending on your fake ass, bogus alma mater of choice. The irony here is that I feel like students who actually go to these schools wouldn't be caught dead in this shit. And, like, I'm sure these schools all have their own campus bookstores where you can buy assorted college memorabilia and merch, but there is no way they are as clean as these. Just look at CSM's. Fucking trash. So buy one (or three) of these when they drop this Friday at 11a.m. EST and continue to lie 'til you die.