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I love me some absurdist fashion collaborations. When two fairly unexpected brands join forces to make the people do a collective head tilt, I'm all about it. And this Dover Street Market x Tiffany and Co. collection is pretty much just that. It's the most superfluous, ridiculous, unnecessary collection maybe of the entire year. But that's exactly what makes it great. The collection, obviously made up mostly of jewelry, takes inspiration from some past landmarks and time periods for shapes and details. The rings, bracelets and cuffs are actually pretty nice and if I were among the 1% I would probably buy the gold paperclip as purely a stationary flex. But it's the offbeat shit that really takes the cake here. The 2000-inspired party hat is perfect if you're tryna get your Tin Man on. And how about that sterling silver Chinese food container pill box? I just ate Chinese last night and that shit is basically drugs to begin with. Listen, you're not going to buy any of this, so there's no real point in telling you when it will be available, but if over-the-top luxury is your bag, you can blow your inheritance at worldwide DSM locations today.

[Photos via DSM]