Diadora as a whole has had a gigantic 2015 and, in particular, seen the N9000 blown up to become a sneaker you need in your collection. For all intents and purposes, it's just a great fucking shoe. But rather than riding out the N9000 wave by just, like, switching up colorways, Diadora stepped in a slightly different direction and now we have the N9000MM. It's still the N9000 for sure, just done up with some taped seams and mesh material rather than all the overlapping layers of leather. The result is a simple sneaker made a little simpler, lighter and up-to-date for anyone who really feels like lying to themselves about how their sneakers need to be "good for the city" or "water-repellent" or some other pointless bullshit to tell yourself to justify wasting more of your money. The fact that they're now available in the Four Pins signature black and white colorway doesn't hurt either.