It's the thought that counts, right? Well, in this case, not quite. After catching some heat for laughing while recording the now notorious video of a McDonald's drive-thru worker luring a homeless man to the window just to throw water in his face, Detroit rapper Skeez is going out of his way to prove he isn't well, a skeez. Skeez and his boy took to the streets to dispel any notion that they don't care about the plight of the homeless. And they're doing so by "blessing" (their words) them with—you guessed it—Gucci bags!

What use does a person on the streets have for a bag that's worth a couple of racks over like, cash, food, clothing or water? Not much, but hey, Skeez is doing his best. As his man puts so eloquently in their video, "We really got good hearts, man that shit [the McDonald's video] just happened to happen the way it happened!" I can't imagine the guy in the video that gets "blessed" with not one but two ("Matter fact, let him have both of em!") Gucci bags actually has the means to flip them for maximum gain. In fact, homeless advocate Shere Dore estimates the bag will probably net the man in question $50: "I’m not looking for the guy to give designer bags that mean nothing to the homeless. I think his action defines just out of touch he is with the homeless.” Hopefully Skeez has some Gucci winter coats in his trunk as his next gifts. Watch his video below.