I would hope that our readers are smart and in touch with the world enough that they realize climate change is a real issue. I mean, it's November and I've only been able to wear a dope coat, like, three times so far this season. That's fucking bullshit. Aside from impacting your ability to stunt in fire outerwear, climate change is going to take a big toll on a whole bunch of other clothing-related aspects according to Kering who just put out its recent report on climate change. Yes, there is an entire 58-page report dedicated to climate change's effect on clothing. But the most important bits are about the raw materials. You know, cotton, wool, cashmere and other fabrics that make up all the clothing you own.

According to the report, climate change has already had a substantial effect. It has "reduced cotton crop yield and quality, impaired vicuña survival ... and led to a decline in cashmere production in the high-quality producing regions of Mongolia" and there's also the impact on the workers who depend on raw materials that often gets glossed over. Some other notes:

-Vicuña hair, one of the most luxurious fabrics in fashion, has herders who rely on the animal for the income and it is one of the most at-risk segments.

-Cotton production correlates directly to the soil condition where it grows and with droughts in places like California, Texas and Australia and rising temperatures in India and Pakistan, cotton production is already slumping.

-Temperature also directly affects how goats grow their winter coats. If it isn't cold enough, no cashmere.

-Leather, in general, is less affected by rising temperatures when it comes to the condition of the hides. But with rising temperatures, their pastures start to die and that can cause issues for the livestock feeding on it.

-For the leading producers of silk, China and India, it all comes down to being able to maintain a hospitable environment so the worms and spin that good shit. For the Chinese, they have some resources to make that happen, but Indian producers might not, which would lead to lesser quality silk.

I don't know about you, but I hope I die before the world is at a steady 120 degrees Fahrenheit every single day and we can't even wear our jawnz any more. Make sure you turn off all the lights when you leave the house and try to use public transit. You don't want your carbon footprint fucking up your fits.

[Photo via Phys.org]