Guys, Beams+ is such a strong brand and this mid-layer piece proves me point. I feel like your dad would really like this jacket. Granted, he wouldn't buy it, but he'd definitely like it. That's just how dads are. They never really buy themselves anything, let alone anything even remotely dope. But you can't just buy your dad a jacket like this because $185 is way too much for anything he wears, so you gotta buy it for yourself and wear it, like, once over to his house. Make sure he notices it and then you just have to "forget" and "leave" it there. The next time you see him, he will most definitely be wearing it and it will already have at least one rip or hole. Dad's won't buy expensive gear, but they'll wear whatever you left at their house. Underneath he'll probably have on one of your old BAPE sweatshirts.