In Laurel, Miss., law enforcement is going to great lengths to put an end to baggy pants.  The town’s police department is set to scatter its public places with signs that read, “Pull up your pants,” and “No one wants to see your underwear.”

Police Chief Officer Tyrone Stewart claims it’s an effort to encourage the city’s young residents to dress more neatly, telling local news outlet WMC that doing so is “disturbing because that's something these young people should have learned at home.” 

"We're not here to regulate exactly what you've got on, but they're walking a fine line with the law of how they are dressing," he added. 

If a person is spotted wearing pants three inches below his waist, it’s considered indecent exposure and in violation of Mississippi state code.

Laurel’s mayor, Johnny Magee commented, "If you walk around in Laurel, pull your pants up. You know, look decent. Look like you belong to somebody. ... Especially if your drawers are nasty, you really need to pull them up." 

This isn’t the first war on baggy pants the state has seen. Concerns of unconstitutionality have been raised in the past, and are resurfacing as the ban gains press coverage.