For the latest segment of The Cut's "Men Getting Dressed" series, the magazine caught up with 25 famous men to find out their thoughts about clothing. The celebrities share moments like when they first got fresh, when their style peaked, and what fashion represents to them.

A$AP Rocky remembers the outfit that first made him feel like he had style. "The first time I thought I looked good I was a child … From what I can remember, when I really liked something that I wore I was either 6 or 7 years old. I wore the patent-leather Jordan 11s with a black dungaree suit and a white T-shirt. It was Easter and my dad got me those sneakers; they were either white and black or red and black.”

Andrew W.K. explains that his clothes are determined by the people he encounters. "There is an absence of style, to a degree, in terms of what I wear. I wear white jeans and a white T-shirt and some kind of contemporary supportive athletic shoe. Always a black digital watch, and underwear and socks, too. The main concern is how filthy are the clothes and how offensive is the odor and aroma going to be. Have I taken the clothes off recently? Who am I going to encounter and how will they react? How can I lessen the filth and muck and grime? … That’s my main concern. The livelihood of the people around me.”

Actor Alec Baldwin shares how he feels his style has been downhill since the 1980s. “There was a moment when I thought I looked fantastic. I thought I looked great. For like one day in 1989. I thought I looked so good. I was doing a photo shoot with Greg Gorman. He shot photographs of me for a magazine. And damn I looked great that day, but it's all been downhill since then.”

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