Even though it's been less than a full year since his appointment as creative director at Gucci, Alessandro Michele already has at least one award under his belt. According to WWDthe British Fashion Council plans to bless Michele with International Designer Award at the British Fashion Awards on November 23rd.

Recall that Michele's appointment came after a period of weird, inter-company drama in January of this year and he was something of a surprise pick even though he's been with Gucci since 2002 when Tom Ford brought him in. He was a relative no-name, yet he proceeded to put together a full menswear collection in just five days and kicked off a renaissance for the brand. With the '70s-inspired, androgynous and, most of all, different collection, he turned heads and continued to do so throughout the year, firmly establishing his look.

That's a pretty big testament to the shift that Gucci has undergone since January. Around this time last year, we weren't even thinking about the brand at all and now it's on the way to becoming a big name once again. All of that in under a year? Hopefully it's not just a flash in the pan. Either way, Gucci better not fuck this up and let him walk away if they know what's good for them.

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