Abasi Rosborough, the project of Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough, has been crafting out NYC-made, conceptual collections season after season. The pair's latest photo series, "The Four Names of Man," is the latest chapter in the brand's thoughtful editorials.

Showcasing Abasi Rosborough's Autumn/Winter 2015 "ORISON" collection, the photo editorial questions the names we, and those in our lives, give us. As co-designer Greg Rosborough explained, "The editorial explores the idea of identity throughout our lives - (1) we are given a name by our parents at birth, (2) our friends have a name they use for us, (3) there is a name that we use for ourselves introspectively, (4) and there is a name that we will be remembered by, our legacy."

Shot at Brooklyn's Gentry storefront, the editorial also tapped into the brand's NYC roots, using a native New Yorker (who wished to remain anonymous) to help bring this "self actualization process" to life in the photographs.

Scope the rest of the collection below, and if you're interested in copping a piece of the label's latest collection, hit up Gentry, the brand's webshop, or its limited list of global stockists.