Most people get plastic surgery to resemble their favorite celebrity, but Janet Cunliffe just wants to look like her daughter

The 57-year-old mom has had a total of six procedures that include an eye lift, nose job, Botox injections, and fillers, in hopes to strengthen the likeness to her 35-year-old offspring, reports The Mirror.

So far, Cunliffe has spent of $33,000 on her surgeries and wants to get more work done. 

"I thought she was beautiful before. I think my mom looks less like me now than when she started. It's weird," said her daughter. 

Cunliffe appears on an episode of Botched on E!, where she asks for a procedure to fix her drooping eye, as well as her chin and neck. The doctors have agreed to fix her eye, but denied her other requests, telling her she looks "fine."