According to Reuters, Donald Trump's primary campaign cost is his merch. His campaign finance report shows that he's spent $825,000 on T-shirts and hats that he gives out to his supporters as he makes his way around the political circus and sells online.

His second highest cost? A personal 757 jet that costs a measly $700,000. Usually, you know, a campaign's primary cost would be the staffers who are working tirelessly to make the charge happen. But Trump isn't exactly a by the book kinda candidate to say the least. Gear (i.e. so cheap it's virtually free advertising) takes priority for The Donald and he's even switched the flow up from the original captain's cap that he originally rocked to include a camo joint and a few other color options as well. This is what happens when you let politics turn into even more of a joke than it already is. But can you fault him? I mean, for being more than an asshole? Shit, people responded to the hat and now it's a thing. At the same time, is it really that much of a surprise that Trump's major cost would be his merch? This is a guy whose various corporations have declared bankruptcy four fucking times. His priorities business-wise (and, well, otherwise, if we're being honest) might not be all that sorted out.

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