You guys, Steve Harvey went to Paris Fashion Week and fucking killed the game. If you're thinking I fired up my rotisserie to roast Steve and his lovely, personal style blogger wife Marjorie, you're wrong. Who wouldn't want to go to Paris Fashion Week with the person they love, all the while stunting in clothes that they love? See, I have a long history on the Pins of mentioning Steve Harvey and his affinity for buttons and that history is full of admiration and respect. The Eleventy Buttoned Gawd even snapped a classic "hand placed demurely on my wife's butt" 'gram on the way to Ellie Saab's runway show. That right there is a goal worthy of all our aspirations. While last season's New York Fashion Week:Men's shows featured an R. Kelly appearance, I now will never be satisfied until Steve Harvey blesses our presence with his wonderful mustache and at least twelve hundred buttons.

I just wish I could've sat next to Steve during the shows, peppering him with topics I think would reap hilarious answers on Family Feud. Then, I would spend the rest of the time avoiding the fact that I have never heard his radio show, despite the entire point of his trip to Paris being a celebration of the show's 10 year anniversary. Well, that and, in the words of Steve Harvey himself: "It's a great time for us to sit back relax and enjoy time, doing some of the things that we love - getting fly." I could write pages upon pages of fan fic about this trip, but really, just take a look at all the photos below of the Harveys getting some fits off and remember, always try to sit back, relax, enjoy time doing some things that you love and get fly.

[Photo via Robert Ector/Instagram]

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