The outdoor Fashion (with a capital "F") lane is an interesting one. It's hard to blend the two well without it coming off as totally try-hard. After all, in the wilderness, a bear isn't going to notice how sleek, yet warm your puffer is when he's mauling you to death because you forgot to hang your food in a tree. But Snow Peak has done a pretty good job of staying in that outdoorsy lane while also offering some solid, stylish pieces. For F/W 15, it divides things into both the camp and life-driven, nailing a balance between the city living and nature loving. Slim, drop-crotch sweats, fuzzy fleece tops and slim puffer jackets aren't a match you'd immediately make on your own, but Snow Peak handles the guesswork out for you and does it well enough to make you consider pairing together two disciplines that don't immediately jump out as a good match. You'll be prepared for anything that comes your way, nature or otherwise.

[Photos via Hypebeast and Snow Peak]