Move over, guys. Women have now become the largest demographic of online shoppers.

According to a new report by Business Insider Intelligence, female consumers are much more likely to utilize their smartphones and tablets to research and purchase merchandise. Now we know what you’re thinking: “Women shopping more than men? Not a big shocker”; however, of the U.S. consumers who made a purchase through mobile devices last month, 66.5 percent were ladies, while only 33.5 percent were men. It’s a pretty noteworthy shift considering guys have been the largest online consumers for the past several years.

The report also points out that women are more likely to look up store locations on their smartphones and are much more persuaded by coupons and marketing campaigns than men.

So does this mean that online retailers should cutback on targeting male customers? Not exactly. Menswear is still the fastest-growing online sales category and is expected to grow even more throughout the next several years. So, yes, women might be shopping online more frequently, but that doesn’t mean they’re spending more.  

You can take a look at several graphics from the report below. To read for the full article on the shift in e-commerce, go to Business Insider's website.