Fetty Wap is a guy who does his own thing. But even though Fetty has “made it,” he isn’t resting on his laurels. In fact, he still works as hard as he did when he was coming up. That same hustle and sheer dedication are the secrets to his continued success.

That’s why Fetty is such a fitting face for Young & Reckless’ Still Runnin’ collection. Featuring everything from soccer jerseys and crews to hoodies and tees —all emblazoned with Y&R’s signature “Reckless” type — the Still Runnin’ collection represents everything that Young & Reckless is all about: always moving forward, working towards a goal, and never stopping until you reach the finish line.

The Still Runnin’ collection is available October 3 at PacSun stores and online at pacsun.com.