Man, why does Outlier have to make such nice, thoughtful fucking gear that I can’t justify as an expense given my current financial situation? The world is not fair. The universe exploded into existence in a single moment solely to tempt and taunt me with luggage systems that my lifestyle neither requires nor affords. But if you have an extra $500 laying around that you wisely did not spend on unessential things like healthcare and car insurance, you should definitely buy the Outlier x Boreas Ultrahigh Travel System. First, because you will never grow tired of making "ultrahigh" jokes as captions of your fancy new travel system. Second, because it’s fucking dope.

They’ve taken an already dope duffel and made it compatible with Boreas’ very cool, very innovative suspension back panel and their hopper daypack. All of those straps and buckles and whatnot mean you can carry this duffel over your shoulder, as a backpack with the Hopper stuffed inside or the Hopper on its own as a daypack. I recently went on a press trip (of which you will read about soon) and I packed super light—only one backpack. It made the time in the airport and in the air so much easier and stress-free. The key to packing light is not caring that your fellow members of the press will see you wearing the same pair of jeans and sneakers back to back. Also, fighting the gnawing sensation you forgot EVERYTHING because you didn’t bring a big ass rolling bag.