In a new video by Opening Ceremony, co-founder Humberto Leon and Spike Jonze discuss the inspiration for its Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

This season, Leon used never-before-seen 35mm photographs taken by his longtime friend Jonze as the starting point for the new pieces. As Leon explains, he spent a couple days going through the photographer's archive to find images that would act as inspiration. He ended up leaving with hundreds of candid photos from music videos, magazine shoots, and movies that Jonze had taken.

The collection overall is a celebration of the art of photography with styles like sweatshirts and tees that are printed with Jonze's archival images and Kodak brand graphics.

Leon and Jonze previously collaborated on a one-act play for OC's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

You can cop the pieces now at Opening Ceremony's online shop.