It wasn’t too long ago when Virgil Abloh was mostly known for his ties to Kanye West. Sure, he was the rapper’s good friend and creative director, but the Illinois native also had plans to build an empire of his own—one that would fuse the worlds of streetwear and high fashion like no one had ever seen.

In a recent piece published by Racked, writer Cameron Wolf explores the evolution of Abloh’s design career and how he has been able to emerge from West’s shadow to become one of the most influential figures in fashion.

The piece touches on everything from the now-defunct Pyrex brand, to the launch of his Chicago boutique RSVP Gallery, to the creation of Off-White, arguably Abloh’s most successful fashion endeavor. We’re talking celebrity co-signs, prestigious award nominations, and critical acclaim.

You can check out the full piece at Racked’s website

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