The fashion industry's ongoing diversity problem continues to be evident on the runway. A new report from the The Fashion Spot shows that while the number of non-white models did increase during New York Fashion Week this season, the majority continues to be white. 

According to the numbers, there were 143 shows and 3,727 spots to fill. 71.6 percent of models booked were white and only 28.4 percent were non-white, with 10.7 percent black, 8.7 percent Asian and 4.2 percent Latina. 

While white models continue to dominate the shows, the good news is that the number of minority models has slightly increased from 24.4 percent during Fall 2015 and 20.9 percent for Spring 2015

Naomi Campbell and Bethann Hardison have been two of the most proactive in helping the industry to shed light on the problem. They've worked to diversify the runways by creating more opportunities for models of color. But, clearly there is still a lot of work to be done.