No meme has died a quicker death than "Netflix and chill." How long has it even been? Like, two weeks maybe? R.I.P. "Netflix and chill" September 2015-October 2015. If the phrase already expired, it's currently being beaten like a dead horse. I'm pleased to present to you, the "Netflix and chill" condom.

You might initially recoil in shock and then immediately go "Oh, this is a joke because the Internet isn't a serious place and someone is taking the piss out of us with a gag." NOPE. This shit is real and orders for the condoms, which come in a three-pack ship, out every Friday morning, just in time for weekend sessions of the prophylactic's namesake. Apparently, it's the work of a couple of kids from the University of Texas-Austin, home of the Longhorns or the longtime horny kids, a shitty pun nickname I just came up with 5 seconds ago. While the guy responsible for this bullshit, Youssef Okasheh, admits he's just looking for his 15 minutes of fame, those sweet, sweet pageviews are enough to force us to write about them. Though, I'll be honest, the thought of a theme party completely filled with dudes and a bowl of these novelty condoms makes me chortle. Just remember, the only Four-Pins approved condom is no condom.