If there's one universal truth about getting dressed and taking risks, it's that it's so much easier to do when you have someone showing you how to look good. This is especially true when it comes to men. At the heart of every man's understanding of what looks "good" and what doesn't, there's a series of menswear role models. Everyone from Marlon Brando to Kanye West have left their mark on how men dress themselves, but for all of the groundwork that our menswear heroes have laid down for us, there's definitely a handful that are...well, overrated.

That's not to say that any of the names on this list aren't stylish—on the contrary—nearly all of the subjects have shown the ability to truly embody what it means to be "stylish" on a regular basis. However, so many men are instantly dubbed "fashionable" simply because they can pull off and/or wear a suit on the daily. We're afraid to break it to the menswear world, but being able to rock a suit and tie doesn't make you stylish—it means you know how to wear a suit properly (which, admittedly, isn't always the easiest thing to do). 

We're not saying that you can't look up to these notable sartorial figures, but maybe it's time you found a few new inspirations if these are the guys that are informing your wardrobe. These are The 10 Most Overrated Menswear Icons.