Hockey as a whole is severely underrated, especially when it comes to incorporating the sport into your fits. Soccer jerseys are usually clean and simple and you can always wear basketball jerseys like a tank when it's scorching. But don't sleep on hockey. Its concentration on sweaters—since it's actually cold out there on the ice—makes for great gear as well. Canada's Off The Hook is teaming up with its hometown squad, the Montreal Canadiens, for a second time on a small, but strong, capsule collection consisting of a varsity jacket, rugby shirt, tee and plenty of doodads along the way like keychains, patches and all that. You can see some of the teasers here with more shots to come. If you're trying to show people that you're an offbeat fan south of the border (i.e. that you prefer something other than grown men getting paid to give each other brain damage) this shit is perfect. CH x OTH "Season 2" releases November 5th and will be available through November 15th.