Fashion's problems with diversity of all kinds are well documented. Even though "Dad bod" swept the nation and average, slightly pudgy guys have been empowered, there's still a big hurdle to clear in the world of the plus-size male model. And no, The Fat Jew doesn't fucking count. With that said, today comes the heartwarming tale of Zach Miko, Target's sole plus-size male model.

Miko is 6'6" with a 40-inch waist and typically models for Target's "Big and Tall" section. Though, if you go through the selection, you'll see plenty of more regular-sized dudes modeling instead. Just as the world is unforgiving for women's plus-size models, Miko had issues on the men's side. At the first shoot Miko did, every shirt was a size medium, which he'd never be able to fit into. To make them work, they had to rip the shirts down the back. Apparently, even in the world of big and tall modeling, you typically only see tall guys, but in Miko's case, he's actually big too.

Miko's dimensions also cause issues when he's auditioning for acting gigs since he's often too large to play a leading man, but too short to be the token tall dude, who evidently need to be freakishly tall. You gotta imagine his more average build also plays a part in all this. Miko says he never wants to be that ripped, washboard abs type guy. Though he doesn't usually find any pleasure in recreational shopping, Miko does say that the modeling experience has boosted his confidence.

If the fashion world wants to fit athletes into its clothes as badly as it seems, maybe it should look at catering to those with odd measurements more often. Chew on that for a bit. Shout out to Zach Miko.

[Photo via Target]

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