Embroidery artist and Parisian designer Marie Sophie Lockhart, who operates under the alias Good For Nothing Embroidery, is poised for big things. Just in the past year, she’s collaborated with Marc Jacobs, who is known to tap up-and-coming talent, on a handbag collection and created a custom jacket for Drake that he’s frequently photographed wearing.

"They heard that I had a nice freehand mark style and good direction," Lockhart told i-D Magazine of the Marc Jacobs collaboration. "I had freedom to experiment and was able to produce something funky and creative."

Lockhart’s aesthetic is unmistakable. The designer has created a distinct vibe that channels ‘60s iconography such as flowers, peace signs and rainbows through a modern, edgy lens. "I draw inspiration from everyday life: music, art, sex, spirituality, drugs—it's all about not taking ourselves too seriously and sharing and spreading love." she said.

The designer is now focused on an upcoming collaboration with Stella McCartney—a far cry from her days of “[trading] paintings, art or weed for embroidery." Currently living and working in Brooklyn, Lockhart may be a long way from home, but she has certainly found her place and shows no signs of slowing down.