I wasn't old enough or aware enough of fashion television when it was happening, though I did catch a few episodes of America's Next Top Model back in the day if that qualifies—Tyra Banks is a goddamn national treasure. Aside from Project Runway, there isn't much fashion-related TV happening right now, but that is changing as Made2Measure, an all new fashion TV network, debuts today.

Now, before you get your hopes up too much, M2M is premiering exclusively on Apple TV, so you'll need one of those magic boxes to peep game. If you do, the floodgates of fashion television have just opened to a waterfall of documentaries (old and new, produced exclusively for M2M), feature films, runway shows, news, behind-the-scenes reality shows and acquired programming. Personally, I'm pretty fucking psyched. There will be talk shows, designer profile pieces and a whole bunch of other shit to watch at your lesiure. In fact, remember when Glenn O'Brien told us there was TV in the works for him? Well, the OG has a new show called Tea at the Beatrice where he'll be doing intimate interviews with guests that is sure to be a banger. Now's the time to brush up on your TV Party. M2M has also secured the rites to some recent fashion documentaries like the fantastic Valentino: The Last Emperor. Overall, the programming is booming.

[Photo via HerCampus]