To coincide with the upcoming release of a couple of dope Diadoras and in the interest of completing the fit, KITH is dropping a set of velour track suit tops and bottoms for you to get your lounge on. To match the color schemes of the sneakers with those classed-up wine and navy shades, these turbo Tony Soprano joints come in corresponding shades of burgundy and navy. We all know that velvet and velour are fucking back thanks to Haider, but you can't afford that shit, so what better way to stay on trend than cop? The hoodie ($175) has a quarter-zip on the chest that goes all the way up along the hood Bape style so you can hide that busted ass mug of yours when it's convenient, small side slits and gold zippers for that extra touch of luxury. The pants ($155) are authentic New Jersey—no big elastic cuff or anything, just a nice tapered cut to sit on top of the shoes. These release alongside the Diadoras on Friday at 11a.m. on KITH's website.