"I want to be the Steve Jobs of the Gap," Kanye West told Style.com (now Vogue Runway) immediately after unveiling Yeezy Season 1 back in February. Sure, most people probably laughed the statement off as yet another grand Yeezus proclamation, but if you draw parallels between the two men, it's actually not that out of left field.

We don't mean that Kanye and his designer aspirations have changed the cultural and consumer landscape the way Steve Jobs and Apple have. West obviously has a long way to go beyond Day 1 for that conversation to take place. What we're saying is that, with Yeezy Season 1 dropping today after countless hype, obstacles, and mystery, the comparison seems more apt than ever. Because if you start making the connections, in everything from the good, the bad, and the controversial, For Better or Worse, Kanye West Is the Steve Jobs of Fashion​.