Last night at the Golden State Warriors home opener, the 2015 NBA champions were finally gifted their rings. The team earned the massive bling after their record-breaking season ended in a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals back in June.

The rings are so large and shiny that the only appropriate way to accept them was to rap along (and dab) to Drake and Future's "Big Rings."

The rings were designed by Jason of Beverly Hills. Jason Arasheben's brand beat out seven others in the running to design the jewelry, and has now been responsible for three championship rings—the other being for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles-native is also known for catering to celebrities and other NBA clients. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, several players like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala had input in the design, which represents the team's history. 

"We wanted to go a different direction then rings of yesteryear. We wanted a sleek modern look without took much verbiage," Arasheben told Complex via email. "It was important to the players that they felt a connection to the ring and that it was something they would actually want to wear."

The jewel-encrusted ring has over six carats of diamonds and sapphires and is made up of more than 90 grams of 14Kt gold, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Each one is customized to include the player's number and name.

The top of the ring is an image of San Francisco's Bay Bridge that was seen on the team's jersey. "It has a sleek and minimalist look with just the Warriors logo on top, which is a different style then previous championship rings we've seen from across all major sports," explains Arasheben.

The iconic logo is made up of around 16 karats of gold and includes 16 princess stones, a number that is meant to represent their regular season wins. The years 1975 and 2015 are also included to represent years that the franchise took home the championship. 

Besides the insane amount of precious jewels, which is 240 to represent the team's number of victories since Lacob-Guber began their ownership, the massive ring is the biggest one Arasheben has ever designed.

"This one was 15 percent bigger then the last two rings we designed.  It seems like from year to year the rings get bigger. But, when you get the opportunity to do a Championship ring you over deliver and we wanted something noticeable and of significance for the team," he said. 

Of course each of the players was given their ring in a box with a motorized turntable and built-in lights for optimal flexing. Arasheben didn't reveal the actual cost of the diamond-covered ring, but we can only imagine the exorbitant price tag on one of those.

Image via Jason of Beverly Hills
Image via Jason of Beverly Hills
Image via Jason of Beverly Hills


Image via Jason of Beverly Hills