When you think of purchasing merchandise out of someone's trunk, a suit probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But, Alex Burekhovich recently dropped thousands updating his wardrobe from the rear of a compact car. 

The 35-year-old finance guy said he opted for the car parked on Wall Street in Manhattan instead of his usual visits to Bloomingdale's, where he would spend $2,000 on suits.

After a couple visits, Burekhovich now prefers to be measured by a 19-year-old sales agent in the road over the luxe department stores. According to the New York Post, so far he has purchased $500 summer blazers, eight regular blazers, two tuxes, a couple of suits, 10 shirts and a $1,200 winter coat.

The service he uses is actually called BookATailor, a company that sends out for custom suits produced in Thailand.

BookATailor has been around since 2012, but recently sent out cars to attract more business and offer on-location one-on-one service.

"I’m parked in front of a store that can be paying $30,000 to be there, and I’m paying $30 a day," BookATailor CEO Jacomo Hakim told the New York Post. "It’s a joke — my car gets more attention than their store."

Like Burkehovich, several other dudes have no problem shelling out thousands of dollars for custom goods out of the trunk of a car. 

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