The one true source of everything, Google, dropped its beauty trends report today and the findings may shock you. Okay, they probably won't because you have learned to temper your expectations, but more men than ever actually care about their hair and their Google search history shows it. 2015 is the first year that men's hair has been more searched on Google than women's. That's pretty fucking insane. According to the homie and head barber at Blind Barber, Rob McMillen, "The industry is bigger than it's ever been" and men tend to be better customers due to their penchant for brand loyalty. Of course, the man bun is the most popular search term, though I'd wager a lot of that comes from people like us who are writing stories strictly to slam it. As per usual, we are not helping the cause. Also of note, the "comb over" is extremely popular in a more rakish way than a "hide the fact that you're balding" way and YouTube is the number one source for dudes trying to figure out how to style their shit once they have the requisite lock length. This is a big step for us, dude bros. We're here and we care about our hair. Get used to it. Now pass the pomade.